The key facts and main advantages of Latvia

Direct investments in property

Investments in residential, commercial,
development and re-development real estate

Special benefit –
possibility to receive a residence
permit in Europe (Schengen area)
for the investor and his family members

Design townhouses (196 sq.m)
in the residential neibourghood of capital city Riga
Private investment amount for a residence permit – EUR 147 500

Property priceEUR 250 000
Loan 50% of priceEUR 125 000
Interest rate 8%EUR 10 000/per year
Rental incomeEUR 10 200/per year

Investments in equity of industrial companies

A residence permit in Latvia – simple and efficient entry pass to Europe


Investment in property or equity of a company

  • Non-limited residence possibility (during the validity period of a residence permit) in Latvia – one of EU countries.

  • Multiple non-visa entry and residence (up to 90 days within six months) in other 25 countries of the Schengen area.


Preparation of application and supporting documents for a residence permit

  • Unlimited possibility to prolong a residence permit for the next 5 years or to get a permanent residence permit.

  • In the future – a possibility of obtaining Latvian citizenship.


The decision about a TRP for 5 years and receiving an ID card

  • Residence permits for family members – a spouse, children under age 18, persons in custody of a legal guardian (by a decision of a court or other state institution).

  • Permission to work for any employer in Latvia.


Total costs (without financing option) –
Euro 150 000 – 250 000
Total costs (with financing option 50% for the property) –
Euro 147 500

  • Lower living expenses than in Western EU countries.

  • Possibility to study in English.

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Product promotion

Starting a business in Latvia

Residence permits in Latvia
based on investments

Legal, financial, technical assistance